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Louisa Casas – MFA Graduate, 2017

Louisa Casas, Installation view MFA show 2017.


Addressing the sense of our increasing disembodiment in a reality mediated through the digital realm this work represents a counter balance to re-anchor physicality. Contrasted use of materiality and scale emphasise surface, texture, line, bulk and form.

Louisa Casas, ‘Eyes eyes shimmer and shine’ 2017 oil & mixed media on canvas, 30x40cm

Traditional media of paint and canvas are juxtaposed with works combining synthetic materials, not only fused within the surface of paint, but made also as sculptural pieces to emphasise the reinstatement of form.

Louisa Casas, installation view MFA show, 2017. Photo Zak Milofsky

Referencing the deconstructed physicality of imagery the combined works are about the materiality of making and question the future of our own sense of presence in the slick intangible surface of the virtual.

The hybrid nature of our digital experience is transcribed through mimicking the imagery and shapes of stickers from popular culture and body part assembly games of childhood. In a playful way these images question the veracity of our reconstituted pixelated identity.

Louisa Casas, ‘Torso unscrolled’ 2017 oil paint, glue, vinyl film, foam, synthetic fibre on canvas, 160x125cms.

Louisa Casas, Installation view ‘Of body part/glancing by’ 2017, oil on canvas, 28 x 34cm

Louisa Casas, ‘Oh Form’ 2017 oil paint, synthetic fabric & padding on canvas 60x50cm.

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