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Buse Kanlikilic – MFA Graduate, 2017

Buse Kanlikilic, Clematis, acrylic on fibreboard and wall. Dimensions variable

This work here explores the relationship between traditional Turkish arts and the process of image making in the context of contemporary art. Referencing ornamental patterns from the arts of the Ottoman Empire, familiar visual elements are combined with significant plant motifs and three dimensional installations -creating unique patterns that have a distinct language.

This body of work is called Disposition and it symbolises the pleasure of seeing; of being conscious of the world around me and finding the alchemy between the past and present.

Disposition extracts the floral and geometrical patterns from Ottoman ornamentation and reconfigures it through a painterly medium and process. The patterns are then repeatedly built, deconstructed and rebuilt.

Buse Kanlikilic, Violets on the Rug, acrylic on wall

The large murals in the first room draw inspiration from traditional Islamic ceramic tiles, pottery and textile arts such as carpets and embroidery; while the tension and synergy between the organic components and fractal patterns rediscover the importance of elemental rhythms of nature, in the second room.

Buse Kanlikilic, Tulip Mania, acrylic on hand cut oval wood

The materials used in the assembledges (housepaint, acrylic, spray paint, marker, fibreboard, paper, flowers, thread) are integral in highlighting the multifaceted nature of this installation. The layout, architecture and structure of the rooms were carefully considered throughout the process of creating an immersive atmosphere, whilst reconnecting myself with my roots in Turkish culture.

Buse Kanlikilic, Order and Rhythm, wax dipped carnations suspended from ceiling, 200 gsm paper flower installation

Buse Kanlikilic, Broken Pattern, acrylic on wall, acrylic on 6’x6′ canvases

Photographs by Zak Milofsky

Buse Kanlikilic