About painttube


a network of painting practitioners based in NCAD


painttube is a research group of staff and post graduate students at the National College of Art and Design, in Dublin, who are engaged and interested in Painting within contemporary fine art practice. painttube is connected to an expanding network of Irish and International painting groups delivering events that explore painting in contemporary visual arts practice.

painttube embraces current painting as a diverse practice and expanding field with reference to  historical and critical realms. painttube intends to deliver symposia and related events that present a contemporary critical focus for painting practice in the public domain.

The painttube team will meet every semester to develop, plan and schedule symposia with any interested members and associates. NCAD practitioners, staff, post graduate students and alumni are welcome to join painttube. painttube also welcomes connections with other institutions and counterparts.

painttube will augment  teaching and learning practice within NCAD.

painttube was established by Robert Armstrong and Kristina Huxley in association with Eamon Connors, Diana Copperwhite, Chris Maguire, Susan MacWilliam, Madeleine Moore, Paul Nugent and Ollie Whelan








6 thoughts on “About painttube

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  2. Marc

    Nice work and page!
    For some moving images/paintings see the ‘Paint tube’ of Marc Spanjers.
    Around 30 painted and then filmed YouTube channels made in 2011.
    All inspired by the diversity on YouTube. (Which was more personal/better before the change of lay-out..so what you see there is already oldskool.
    Greetings Dublin and the rest! Paint on.


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