The Battle of Faith and Doubt


    Still by Justine Frischmann 2013 in oil, acrylic on wood panel. Image source here.

The Battle of Faith and Doubt is the title of a recent exhibition of paintings by Justine Frischmann, an English artist and musician, at Unspeakable Projects in San Francisco:

‘Frischmann’s work oscillates between chaos and composition to explore states of impermanence and flux. Made in short, intense sessions over an eighteen month period, the paintings refigure the throw-away aesthetics of punk into luminous, gestural washes. The show takes its title from the earliest painting in the series–a monochrome mixed media composition whose black expanse resists reproduction and is difficult to light, fully legible only when viewed obliquely. This preoccupation with light obscured and revealed is central to the work which portrays a constant interplay between struggle and stillness, cancellation and reconstruction.

The show’s core dichotomy is expressed in a range of formal oppositions, mixing traditional high-value methods like layered oils with throw-away contemporary materials–fluorescent spray paint, panel board, cheap plastic tarps. In neon fluoro sprays on panel wiped out by pale scumbles in oil, Frischmann performs a kind of reverse vandalism. Throughout, the works enact competing impulses of creation and destruction, looking for sources of redemption in landscapes of doubt…’

There is also an interesting conversation with Frischmann at Eclectic magazine here

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