The Curator’s Hand

Mark Swords and Paul Doran in dialogue as part of the Making Familiar exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin.

Venturing out of my own studio into those of fellow artists has been one of the pleasures and surprises of my foray into ‘curation’ (with James Merrigan) of the exhibition Making Familiar. As a painter myself, I was wary of pushing a particular agenda or of striving for a definitive position. Wary of what I frequently see as the dead hand of the curator. Imagine then my surprise when viewing the video of the discussion above. It reminded me of Giotto’s Renunciation of the Father, from the frescoes in Assisi, in which St. Francis is rejecting his earthly father and instead directing his attention toward the hand in the sky – ‘talking to the hand’. Fortunately the tone of the conversation in Temple Bar remained civil and well grounded.

See the video and more about Making Familiar here.

Posted by Robert Armstrong

Giotto, Renunciation of the Father, c. 1295-1300


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