Loretto Cooney – MFA Graduate, NCAD

Loretto Cooney, ‘UNTITLED’, A Painting Installation, 2012

My painting practice takes the form of editing and reformulating images collected from the daily print media. The works defy a coherent narrative and each new installation generates a new set of relationships between the works. The paintings are installed here in response to the particular conditions offered by the exhibition space.  The paintings highlight how images can be suggestive of other images and that interpretation is not fixed but open and inconclusive. I try to use paint equivalents to show scepticism in how reality may be represented. The work is informed by the concepts of écriture feminine, the open-ended narrative structure, proposed by Hélène Cixous and others.

Loretto Cooney, oil on canvas, 100x100cm, 2012

Loretto Cooney, oil on canvas (2), 2012


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