Kati Heck

Kati Heck, Entführung der Mutter mit Hase, 2012, 180x280 cm, oil on canvas, charcoal, toilet paper

Kati Heck makes large-scale figurative paintings that incorporate a strange commotion of visual languages. The extent of her approach confronts the multiplicity of painting in both an aggressive and seductive way. The compositional set pieces fabricate scenarios and use perspective with deliberate skill and naivety. Often the works appear to be preceded by abstract mark making, with assured affiliations to the frenzied methodology of Martin Kippenberger.

I do sense that the work could ‘calm down’ as Roberta Smith suggests (NY Times, 2/15/08) but it must be said that the ambitious scale and shameless panache encourage endless possibilities for the imagination.  Heck seems to look at the everyday with a kind of enhanced drama, negotiating fantasy in a deluge of references and ideas. More works by Kati Heck can be viewed here.

Posted by David Eager Maher

Kati Heck, Die Handlanger in Gugelhupfhaltung, 2009, 363x868 cm, oil and pencil on canvas, wooden frame

Kati Heck, Neue Freunde (Lady Blue), 2011, 230x145 cm, oil on canvas



One thought on “Kati Heck

  1. Marc

    I like her works. I still got that early ‘My girl’ aka the ‘wheelchair/tennis’ painting on a picture from back then. (2004?)
    I believe that was based also on that classic soul song..funny for sure(: And she works hard as far as I can see.
    Say hello to Freddy B.oi ,Jan v Imschoot ,Walter Swennen. (and Hans ice T too:)for me if you see them around. (Im back in the Dutch mountains and not often in A. so I dont see the painting people anymore..but im still ever painting!
    All the best and keep it up Kati
    Der Malerei geht weiter!


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