Nature Boy

Ryan Mosley, Dance of the Nobleman, 2010-2011 Oil on canvas 215 x 185.5 cm Copyright The Artist

Ryan Mosely creates figurative paintings that some people have referred to as surrealist cubism. I find this a tad bit lazy, I think Mosely’s paintings work on a far more interesting level than pigeon-holing can provide. The paintings manage to dance around with tradition and modern ways of working and produce a very fresh and inventive voice. Mosely’s work comes across as modern fables melancholically warning us of something we have lost or are about to lose. They are a carnival of skewed snippets from a different time with disembodied heads cavorting and chortling about their daily life. The paintings are produced in an intuitive way (on many different types of supports) towing the line between conceptual painting and painting that simply works.

View more images by Ryan Mosely at Alison Jacques Gallery here and an interview with him in the latest Garageland Magazine here.

Posted by Damien Flood

Ryan Mosley, Bearded Borlotti Bean, 2008 Oil on linen 55 x 65 cm. Copyright The Artist


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