The Ordinary and the Strange

Neal Tait, Sunday Afternoon, 2009, oil on linen, 60.2x60.5 cm.

Once seen, Neal Tait’s paintings have a way of sticking in your mind. They suggest a lot associations, but any specific readings of the works remain elusive. They’re very open, and raise many questions. The ordinary and the strange meet and odd things happen in the world Tait creates, with disruptions of scale, and objects and figures turning into each other and swapping places.  A number of juxtapositions and in-between states are being played with in the work – figuration and abstraction, obscuring and revealing, past and present, real and imagined, things coming into being and passing away. There’s an openness here in another way – it would appear that the artist allows the element of surprise and accident to play an important role, with the finished works being only revealed through the process of their making. They look a bit like illustrations for stories without any logical narrative, but this description hardly does them justice – they manage to communicate in a way that bypasses language. One of the more interesting artists to be featured in the recent Vitamin P2, more of his work can also be seen here and also here.

Posted by Kevin Mooney.


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