Permission To Try Stuff

Chris Martin, Glitter Painting, 2007, acrylic medium, spray paint, glitter on wood.

New York based painter Chris Martin makes paintings that defy categorisation. His practice is driven by a sense of restlessness, to arrive at paintings that appear strangely familiar, excessive and awkward, but utterly compelling. For several years he had a crisis of belief – working with white lines on a black ground. In 2005 his solo show at  Sideshow Gallery in New York consisted of one room with a 25 foot painting and the next room filled with junk, in an attempt to throw everything from his life into the gallery. ‘I wanted to bring in all of  the different artists, images, objects, photos and junk that inspired me . . . to break down the boundaries between high art, kids art, sidewalk art, folk art, or just a scrap of  newspaper I found on the sidewalk.’ (Chris Martin in conversation with Craig Olsen, in the Brooklyn Rail). Martin has used diverse materials to make his work, including bread. More images can be seen at Mitchell-Innes & Nash here.

Posted by Paul Doran


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