Taking Care

Fergus Feehily, Dovetail, 2011

Fergus Feehily is a careful artist. The anxiety and painstaking consideration that characterises his work is evident in everything he makes. At a talk in NCAD some years ago, he talked about ‘letting things in’ to his work. So while he is careful and cautious, he is open. He can afford to take risks because his judgement is unerring.

The press release for his current solo show at Modern Art in London says ‘Fergus Feehily’s paintings share a collective sense of humility and sensitivity. His paintings are meticulously and imperfectly crafted, constructed from wood, paper, paint and fabric: materials that are sometimes found and sometimes made, and that always bring or suggest a story and particular tenor. Small in scale, Feehily’s work presents a situation of knowable, comprehendible reality that wears lightly the absorbed legacies of post-minimalism and formalism – yet his work has no pretense to be or to be about either of those things. There is a character of reticence to his paintings, but that is a character balanced by a sense of affirmation and spirit of openness that delights in ordering and reordering a small part of the world’.

Posted by Robert Armstrong.

Fergus Feehily, The Night, 2011



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