Material Channelling

Margarita Gluzberg, Alain Ducasse Dessert 2 (from the series Black Food), 2010

An air of good-humoured pessimism permeates The Trouble With Painting a panel discussion at the ICA, London in 2010. Chaired by ICA curator David Thorp, Bruce McLean, Vanessa Jackson, Margarita Gluzberg and Mark Leckey consider the current state of painting. Everyone except Vanessa Jackson has trouble with painting. Yet all the panelists except Leckey make paintings. McLean protests (too much) that he is a sculptor, and Gluzberg despite her reservations comes up with a really interesting definition of painting as a ‘material channeling of an idea’. Her recent work includes a series of paintings based on the three Michelin star dishes of Alain Ducasse. Constructed entirely in black, they depict mystical matter: still-lives in the tradition of Dutch vanitas paintings – for the 21st century. Her work can be viewed at Paradise Row, and Bruce McLean paintings at TateShots here.

Posted by Robert Armstrong


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