Using Clichés

Gregory Forstner, Rain Dog, 2010

Gregory Forstner’s loose, large scale paintings touch on a lot of art historical as well as “low culture” reference points. He employs the risky strategy of using clichés, often putting clichéd images from multiple sources together in a single image. Dislocating the images from their original context and putting them in opposition to each other unravels their meaning and opens up other potential ones. While he exploits the language of 80’s Neo Expressionism, Forstner punctures its bombast with humour, much of which is derived from this placing of contradictory elements together.

His paintings are as likely to repulse with their tastelessness and cruelty as they are to fascinate and attract with their humour and fresh, fluid, direct paint handling- I personally have quite contradictory feelings towards them. However, they’ve been stuck in my head since seeing them at the Armory earlier this year.

More info at Forstner’s website here and at Galerie Zink.

Posted by Kevin Mooney


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