Pure Genius or Pure Lunacy!

Ansel Krut, Self-Portrait in Bendy Balloons, 2007

Ansel Krut is a painter I have been interested in for a while now since I first came across his work in Turps Banana. When I first encountered it I was highly confused and torn between feelings of anger and awe. I have since came across his work numerous times and have become quite a fan in an unsure kind of way.

Krut simultaneously seems to mock while embracing the medium of paint. He tests the mediums capacity to hold onto an image while testing the viewer’s willingness to believe. Krut flies seamlessly from a crude cubism to pop-ified Bacon back to his own child like abstraction. He may not be to everybody’s taste but he sure raises questions! Ansel Krut won the John Moores Painting Prize in 1985 and Jerwood Drawing Prize in 1992.

You can find info at www.domobaal.com

Posted by Damien Flood


One thought on “Pure Genius or Pure Lunacy!

  1. Alison Pilkington

    Yes I agree Ansel Krut is an interesting painter infuriatingly comic book images that make me laugh and envious he currenly has a large body of work showing at Saatchi Gallery. I don’t think reproductions of his work capture the way he handles paint so well.


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