Off The Wall

Miranda Blennerhasset, site-specific painting, Gorey, 2011

Currently my practice consists of large-scale site-specific painted installations.  Using this medium I explore the subjects of contemporary architecture, urban design, decoration and modernism.  My work responds specifically to the location in which it is made whilst also incorporating motifs and themes from the research I am carrying out at the time.

This work which was recently exhibited in Gorey reacts directly to the site’s formal and material qualities.  The painting takes into account the details of the wooden floor, the scale and proportions of the space, the design of railings outside the building etc.  I paint directly onto the surface of a space because it is important to me that the architecture provides not only the subject matter of the work but that it becomes an integral element of the piece.  The structure of the building is fundamental both to the concept of the work and also to its final resolution.

Posted by Miranda Blennerhasset, 2nd Year MFA, NCAD


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