Still Life

Lesley Vance, Untitled (12), 2009, oil on linen, 18x16 inches

Lesley Vance was a big hit at the last Whitney Biennial and was featured at the David Kordansky Gallery at Frieze earlier this year. Inspired by the seventeenth-century Spanish still-life tradition, Lesley Vance carefully arranges and lights objects such as fruits or shells. The artist then photographs these arrangements, and the resulting images serve as the basis for her abstract paintings. Vance creates these paintings by manipulating wet paint with a palette knife, erasing and editing her strokes until she feels that the final form has revealed itself. Although these works lack any perceptible trace of the original photographic composition, they retain the intimacy and refinement of a traditional still life.

Read more about her at

Five From the Whitney Biennial: Lesley Vance Art in America (February 2010)

Art Basel Miami Beach: Doing More with MoreNew York Times Magazine (December 2009)

The New RomanticsArtforum (January 2004; note: registration required)

Posted by Oliver Whelan


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