Andreas Hofer

‘It seems that anything goes in Andreas Hofer’s artistic universe. You’re as likely to encounter dinosaurs as comic-book heroes, Nazis, Sigmund Freud, John Wayne, Veronica Lake or spacemen and cowboys. With scant regard for chronological decorum or the tyranny of taste, his subjects are cut loose from history, to gallivant through a parallel world where their usual meaning slips away. The media carrying this overloaded pantheon of fantastical and historical characters are just as diverse. The German artist’s exhibitions have featured comic-strip drawings on notebook paper reminiscent of boyhood doodles, messily gestural painting moving between suprematist-inspired abstractions and figuration; collages, enormous sculptures and collections of junk-store treasures. ‘

Article on Andreas Hofer by Skye Sherwin, the Guardian.

Read more here

Posted by Madeleine Moore


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