Atsuhide Ito – The Angel of History

Atsuhide Ito, The Angel of History, 2010

Atsuhide Ito’s paintings deploy strategies of deception and betrayal which demand critical reflections on the real. Since the completion of Separate Landscape series of 55 paintings in 2007, in which the production and consumption of non-places are presented as a form of violence, Ito’s paintings continuously produce oscillations between a process of concealment and apparition. Here painting is conceived as a from of return and delay. Currently, the works are being developed in regard to a triangular relationship between violence, hauntology and utopia through the aesthetics of deviance which runs from Baroque to contemporary art.  Especially in regard to hauntology, the pictorial and social history of ghosts have been investigated and explored in the media of painting and film.

Margins as places where incommunicable things are found, ontology and painting, ghosts, dust and a Vanishing Lesson (Markus Schinwald) are current topics within an unfolding conversation between Atsuhide Ito and Kristina Huxley.

Posted by Kristina Huxley


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