Diana Copperwhite at VISUAL

Rough Cut, oil on canvas, 2011,

THE FOLD (A Painting Show) 

VISUAL, Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow,  presents the work of four young Irish painters; Mark McGreevy, Diana Copperwhite, Gabhann Dunne and Sheila Rennick. Delving into the realms of fantasy and fiction, The Fold presents a montage of these artists works, illuminating paintings potential as a poetic form and it’s enduring narrative qualities. Beyond the mundane and everyday this show makes visible, landscapes and scenarios that have emerged from the artists sense of the world, our existence folded into the mind of the artist only to be released on more poetic terms at his or her the hand. In these artists we encounter four practices with varying sensitivities, each channelling paints latent energy for its narrative possibilities. 

VISUAL’S five main gallery spaces have been filled with a visual labyrinth of situations, hybrid characters and reflections on our human identity. The artist’s works offer to the viewer alternate planes of thought and a glimpse at paintings bold potential to comment on our existence in a world that teeters on the fine line between chaos and order. 

The Fold highlights the strength of contemporary Irish painting to the viewer.


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