Djordje Ozbolt tell them I said something

Djordje Ozbolt's "Portrait of a noble Bubbleman"

I’ve become interested in Djordje Ozbolt’s work recently. It’s quite surrealist work, full of absurd humour. Once or twice, upon seeing one of his paintings for the first time, I’ve caught myself laughing out loud, and then immediately thought that maybe I shouldn’t be (see “Baby Jesus brings rain to Africa”). However, there’s more here than throwaway visual gags, something always pulls you to keep looking. His paint application is peculiar, to say the least, and he’s very knowing in the way he brings various painting styles together. I love the way his practice is so open as to allow almost anything in- he’s quite happy to acknowledge Marcel Proust, and Lady Gaga, as sources for his work.

Posted by Kevin Mooney


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